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TAGs zijn leuk om te lezen vind ik zelf altijd. Ze zijn vaak leerzaam en geven een klein kijkje in het leven van de blogger die de tag geschreven heeft. Vandaag deel ik de tag Travel Favorites die ik vond bij Marcella. Deze staat vol met mijn persoonlijke favorieten en tips. Favorite Hotel Ik kan altijd heel erg blij worden van iets simpels als hotel linnen! Echt goddelijk om onder zo’n lekker crispy wit knuffelig dekbed te liggen. Mijn favoriete hotels zijn dan ook degenen die dit hebben. In Kuala Lumpur verbleven we afgelopen zomer in redelijke budget hotels, maar voor...

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Nominated for a Liebster award Inspiratie

Earlier this week, I was pleasantley surprised when I received a nomination for a Liebster Award from Memoirs of a Metropolitan Girl :). Blogging for Marlow Travels isn’t a paid job, but it is something I do for fun and to extend my writing skills. Being nominated for this award is therefore an honor. Even though it is not necessarily an award, it is a recognition and nice way to promote good blogs that have less than 200 (WordPress) followers. Being nominated gives me a also the right to nominate some of my own favorite blogs, the requirements are: 1). Thank the Liebster...

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City reporter

Don’t you know that feeling? That you think that The United States are similar to Canada, That New Zealand is similar to Australia and that Korea is similar to Japan?Well I always have that feeling when I think of Belgium, the country being similar to The Netherlands. Last summer I spent my summer holiday in Flanders, the Dutch speaking region in the north of Belgium. Belgium, a country that lies a little over an hour away from where I live (near The Hague). A country that in many aspects is so the same and yet so different at times. During...

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Bikes, Bridges and the Belfry - a tour through the Belgian city of Brugges City reporter

As a full-time student, money is not something that is easy to come by but traveling is even harder to go without! As a compromise, my boyfriend and 2 of our best friends, decided to go cheap & chique. We were headed to our southern neighbor, Belgium. As the friends, Marjolein and Kevin, are moving in together soon, and Tristan and I had a rather extraordinary trip last year, meant that we had to come up with a low-budget itinerary that still meant that we could indulge during our holiday. As Dutchies, we are naturally used to riding our bikes...

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As you can see, the natural light was diverse; torn between dark clouds and bright rays of sun. This created a natural sort of mysterious look over the photo. Destinations / Toerist in eigen land

Untill I took part in my exchange student experience, for which I spent 10 months living with a host family in rural Oregon, United States and went to high school there, I really looked down upon my own country when it came to landscpes, nature, cities and other things to see. I always thought that Holland (or the Netherlands more properly) was a way too small country to live in and be able to see a lot of beautiful things. It was for that reason that I always had the urge to go abroad. I didn’t really matter where, as...

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