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A Day Out: ‘Het Rijksmuseum’ Toerist in eigen land

After almost 10 years of reconstruction, The Netherlands’ most famous and grandest museum has opened its doors again. On April 13th there was the grand opening spectacle in the presence of the Queen on what was one of her final public appearances before she abdicates on April 30th. Lucky me, I was one of the 20.000+ people that were part of the grand opening and visited The Rijksmuseum. Outside on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, there was music playing, all sorts of promotional activities of the sponsors such as this cute van by KPN, a lovely Spring sun, people of all...

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Treasures of the Netherlands Destinations

Many of you will probably have a particular image of the  Netherlands, or more common, Holland, in mind involving windmills, tullips, cheese and some of you even think of the wooden shoes. Well, you were right! As a Dutchie I can confirm that most of those cliché images you might have in mind are true. We are a country covered in beautiful colorful tullips with an occassional windmill here and there but far from all of us eat cheese of let alone wear wooden shoes. I am one of those people that detests cheese (unless it’s in a melted-pizza-like form)...

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