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Op pad in Nederland: Deventer City reporter / Toerist in eigen land

Deventer is één van de steden in Nederland waar ik graag nog eens een keertje heen wilde om te gaan ontdekken. Vorige week maandag was mijn ALLER ALLER ÁLLER laatste dag dat ik gratis met mijn geliefde gratis OV mocht rondreizen door Nederland. Ik ging op pad in Nederland en Deventer leek mij een perfecte bestemming! Een historische en bourgondische stad Om heel eerlijk te zijn wist ik nog niet veel van deze stad. Ja dat het aan de IJsel ligt, en ook nog eens aan de andere kant van het land én dat er elk jaar een enorm Charles...

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source: vakantie.nl Destinations

Island hopping is the travel trend of 2013. Especially when you’re the kind of traveler who can’t sit still, loves that ocean breeze, that has a adventure gen and is interested in other cultures. For Europeans, the place to be this year, is Greece. After all the economic troubles, tourists stayed away for a while but are now slowly finding their way back. Vakantie.nl a Dutch travel trend website claims that Greece is now THE place to be, and perfect for island hopping since the country has over 6.000 (!) islands. Each island has its own pluspoints so I’ve made...

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As you can see, the natural light was diverse; torn between dark clouds and bright rays of sun. This created a natural sort of mysterious look over the photo. Destinations / Toerist in eigen land

Untill I took part in my exchange student experience, for which I spent 10 months living with a host family in rural Oregon, United States and went to high school there, I really looked down upon my own country when it came to landscpes, nature, cities and other things to see. I always thought that Holland (or the Netherlands more properly) was a way too small country to live in and be able to see a lot of beautiful things. It was for that reason that I always had the urge to go abroad. I didn’t really matter where, as...

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City reporter

Amsterdam is really one of those cities that people from ‘outside’ tend to have a strong image of. When I was living in The United States as an exchange student (2007-2008), all the highschoolers thought I was so cool because I smoked weed all day in Amsterdam, and all the prositutes would just come up to me to offer work, and especially don’t forget that I must be lesbian too and wear wooden shoes all day with a bouquet of tullips in one hand while holding a can of beer in the other. I was shocked by the fact that...

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