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Don’t you know that feeling? That you think that The United States are similar to Canada, That New Zealand is similar to Australia and that Korea is similar to Japan?Well I always have that feeling when I think of Belgium, the country being similar to The Netherlands. Last summer I spent my summer holiday in Flanders, the Dutch speaking region in the north of Belgium. Belgium, a country that lies a little over an hour away from where I live (near The Hague). A country that in many aspects is so the same and yet so different at times. During...

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Bikes, Bridges and the Belfry - a tour through the Belgian city of Brugges City reporter

As a full-time student, money is not something that is easy to come by but traveling is even harder to go without! As a compromise, my boyfriend and 2 of our best friends, decided to go cheap & chique. We were headed to our southern neighbor, Belgium. As the friends, Marjolein and Kevin, are moving in together soon, and Tristan and I had a rather extraordinary trip last year, meant that we had to come up with a low-budget itinerary that still meant that we could indulge during our holiday. As Dutchies, we are naturally used to riding our bikes...

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