Treasures of the Netherlands Destinations

Many of you will probably have a particular image of the  Netherlands, or more common, Holland, in mind involving windmills, tullips, cheese and some of you even think of the wooden shoes. Well, you were right! As a Dutchie I can confirm that most of those cliché images you might have in mind are true. We are a country covered in beautiful colorful tullips with an occassional windmill here and there but far from all of us eat cheese of let alone wear wooden shoes. I am one of those people that detests cheese (unless it’s in a melted-pizza-like form) doesn’t like to eat the very typical herring fish and I don’t smoke weed. However, I’m a true Dutchie

when it comes to bike riding, loving dark bread filled with seeds, celebrating a bright orange Queen’s Day, living below sealevel and enjoying the famous stroopwafels (syrup waffle cookies).

Many of you will refer to The Netherlands as Holland as this was the historic name of the country during the Golden Century (16th and 17th). However, with the joining of new pronvinces such as Gelderland, Holland which then only consisted of the provinces of North and South Holland, became The Netherlands (the low lands). The Netherlands now consist of 12 provinces of which North and South Holland still remain the highest populated and host the capital city of Amsterdam (North Holland) and the governmental city of The Hague (South Holland).

I decided that as a tourism student, I ought to know a lot about my own country, at least more than most tourists do, so I am working on a tourist tour around the Netherlands. I’ll visit historical cities such as Leiden, Groningen, Maastricht, Den Haag etc, capture tourism attractions like Madurodam, Scheveningen, the canals of Amsterdam etc. and try to look at my own heritage through a tourist perspective. Meanwhile, this project forms the base of my photography experiment. I am not a professional and I do not have a bulk of gear to shoot with, but between me and my Nikon D40X, I still hope be able to take you on a tourist tour around the Netherlands which you will enjoy and might even inspire you to come and visit my lovely little country. The images on this post are a little heads up of what you might expect. But don’t worry, there is much more to come. In the mean time, have a look on Facebook, where I keep a small portfolio of my travel photographs taken around the globe.

Happy travels!

The clichés you known about Holland and the windmills are true. You will find these odd looking ‘buildings’ all across the Netherlands, be it in the cities or small villages. The saying goes “God created the earth, the Dutch created Holland” which couldn’t me more true. Parts of the Netherlands are actually derived from the sea and with the use of windmills, turned into land suited for both living as well as agriculture. These 3 windmills can be found just out of the village of Leidschendam near The Hague.

The Oostpoort in Delft is the only remaining gate of this historic city in the west of Holland. Back in the Middle Ages, the Poorten (gates) were used to protect the cities from unwanted visitors, now this is a heritage site. Typical about this gate is that cyclists can actually ride trough the gate! How Dutch right?! In the back you can see both the New and the Old Church of Delft.

Een 20-something met een enorme liefde voor reizen en schrijven. Woont in Den Haag, maar droomt er van om ooit in Londen te wonen. Gek op steden, het strand, wijn, fotograferen, geschiedenis en wintersport. Favoriete landen zijn: Engeland, Nieuw Zeeland & Peru

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